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Ts1 is a  simpleminded, rather innocent test subject who, prior to the game was an Alpha tester known as AT-SIE. Unlike TS2, TS1 seems to have no recollection what so ever of ANYTHING. He is just as in the dark about things as the viewers.

Currently he is a 1x1hermaphrodite Fox/Rabbit and seems to be slightly. . . off in terms of sanity. He's taking things as they come along. He's also discovered a black and Red wig, similar to one TS2 recalled in her dreams. His internal gender is Androgynous.

TS1's eyes are particularly empty and soulless. And due to his previous rank, he is WHITE.

He seems also to be Mute, just like Observers, though there may not be any link between them.


TS2 is a particularly agressive subject. He has displayed nothing but viloent agression from his awakening, particularly to the unfortunate ETLUC since he woke up. TS2 also suffers from amnesia, but still has somewhat of a clue to his surroundings. He also experiences "Flash backs" from previous tests.

His eyes are rather catlike in appearance, and he has razor sharp teeth and glowing blood. He is currently a shark and his colour is a Dark Rose. He is currently a 2xFemale and has a Green wig. His internal gender is in fact male.


C-AT is a Corrupted Test subject. He is a little bit on the pudgy side, and has one white eye one black. He is currently in a Holding cell, and appears to have been woken up for some purpose, which is against protocol for Corruption procedures. He also seems to be aware of this fact. Not much is known about how insane C-AT is, only that he remembers a lot of things he wishes not to discuss. He also seems to know a lot more than he lets on, and is suprizingly stable despite his condition. He is Jet Black and has a Choker Device.




Etluc was first discovered in the RED ROOM after TS2 crash landed into him from jumping from her chair. He is an especially old test subject, with a code name that doesn't comply with modern testing codes. He wears an old fashioned Wrist device that tries to connect to the EDEN Database, but to no avail.

ETLUC is currently a 2xmale, and has strange, Lazy ringed eyes in alturnating colours. He is also Pale Tan in colour, and seems to show no real emotion, even when in pain, with the exception of fearHe currently wears a Pink Wig, and is a BirdSnake, identifying as Androgynous

He has an extreme fear of blood.


TXX has only been encountered via an Old computer console. He appears to be the Tester in charge of TS1 and TS2, as well as the future subjects TS3 and TS4. Not much is known about him aside from this, besides his obnoxious arrogant personality and his obsession with speaking in a "1337" style to others. He only exchanges words with single letters, not with punctuation. However he does sometimes forget to replace some letters.

He has been known to stop using 1337 when requested.

He also has a Tumblr account, because he's just that self important (Warning: May contain spoilers)



O4 is an OBSERVER. Not much is known about him only that he appears to be observing 4 panels in particular, presumeably TS1-4. He also enjoys thinking about the universe, and thinks O3 is quite attractive. He's also quite knowledgeable.



O3 is the Observer who's in the room next to O4. Very little is known about her, but she seemed to be much less knowledgeable in Humans and their history. She's very friendly either way.



One of the many npc Testsubjects milling about. He is a golden brown Test Subject with long brown hair. He identifies as Male and is a 2xMale Cat. He has a Watch Device. He is rather concerned with the wellbeing of TS1 and decided to help him out for a little bit after his immediate breakdown in his presence.




Test Subjects

Test subjects are the most common species found so far, there appears to be hundreds of them, labeled from TSA to TSZZZ. They can be found in any SOLID colour, with the exception of White and Black. This of course isn't applicable to TS1, however TS1 was previously ATSIE; an Alpha Tester, of which not much is currently known about. They desplay the ability to mutate their bodies with the right stimulus, often in reaction to chemicals or some external stimuli. They can become any number of breeds and gender combination. That said, all test subjects have their own, internal gender, and many will lean more towards certain breeds and genders than others. Though their personality is also pretty set. They are supposedly put into an incubative state between testing, seated in a metal chair, and lose their memory as they sleep.



Observers oversee the test subjects progress and also generally just keep an eye on things through cameras throughout the facility. They are always White in colour, and have a singular eye. They are supposedly omnipotent, even though they use cameras to watch things, though are Mute and cannot really talk, though they are experts in some form of sign language. They have not displayed the ability to type yet. 

They  are Labeled O1-O9 and OA-OZ



Little is known about the Corrupted, only that is seen as a horrendous mental disease. Corrupted test subjects are jet black in colour, to differentiate them from the others. Though it's possible this is a side effect of becomming Corrupted. Corrupted test subjects are prone to unpredictable fits of insanity, ranging from muttering, emotional breakdowns and emmense violence. The effects differ from test subject to test subject. Not much is known about the disease aside from that it appears to be fatal, as many do not live long to discover a cure.

A known Symptom of Corruption is recalling memories that were originally wiped.

Corrupted subjects are Relabled C-A to C-ZZ