18th Sep 2011, 10:18 AM
5th Sep 2011, 10:48 PM

Just a heads up to those of you running to check this site every day (sometimes repeatedly) hopinng for an update.

I'll be offline for the whole week, so updates will be impossible.

Though I hope to have plenty of updates for when I return.

So please hold on my lovlies <3

Instructions on how to play~


Hello Hello~
Welcome to Project x!
A collaborative story game between me and my commenters~ I will draw the art, and supply some of the story, Your role is to guide the Test Subjects as they go about their adventure.
You are just as in the dark as the subjects, aside from some 4th wall observation <3

To control the subjects, all you must do is type the Subject's code name and then the command, and post it into the comments whenever a Prompt is needed.

For now only "TS1>" is available to control.
So if you wish TS1 to take the blue pill, one would say

TS1> Take the Blue pill

Or any such variation.

When I update, I will be taking commands from the comments, and drawing them. I may even combine ideas together.

When more prompts are needed, I will signify this by saying "What will you do next?" in the narrative <3

I'll leave this also in my blogs. For easier reference <3