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30th Sep 2018, 7:06 AM


A whole year. A WHOLE. DAMN. YEAR.

I'm terrible at this, ahahah...
Hell, I even considered calling this thing dead and just. Moving on. I got close. Y'see this art in front of you now?
I was thinking of just, killing PX and reusing the crew in new comic with the same cast, because I love them, I really do. It'd be a shame to see them die/waste away.

So let me explain my thoughts and feelings here. Because I don't really wanna kill the comic.

1- I feel shame and guilt. Really, I do, for not continuing or even admitting i'm struggling or so. I shoulda been upfront about it maybe, Idk.

2- I worry about the readerbase. My inactivity will cause numbers to dwindle, and though one shouldn't look so hard at the numbers, well, as this IS a CYOA comic, the less who regularly check, the less prompts there will be, ysee.
But the thing is there's a lot of comic/reading to get through. It's intimidating, for sure, for new readers. So whenever i post new content they might not read through the whole comic in time for the prompt or so.

3- Flash is becoming redundant. A lot of mobile users cant see the pages at all, and soon flash will be retired altogether, killing a good portion of pages.

4- My art has changed. I mean, you've seen how much i change up the style of the comic hahaha. It's a fair bit chaotic, mmhm. It started off one way and sometimes goes into animations and the like, then there are few pages of it being a comic, then others its all painted and pretty, etc etc.
I don't know how many of you watch me on my FA but i tend to lean more towards lineart type stuff now. So i might just go for that on the comic from here out.

Which brings me to my next thoughts, on continuing.

I could kill the comic, but clearly i'm not yet ready to give up on it.

So I have some thoughts on where to go from here.

I'm basically thinking of Rebooting the thing.
Make a new comic page, and start remaking the comic as something more like an actual comic.
It'll still have all the text descriptions and chat logs and even the prompting, but I'll basically remake the comic up to this point in a more consistent style.
It'll also bring more viewers and give them a fresh start to read through it. Though may not realise how Prompting works hahah.

The other option is to just update all the previous pages with new art, ESPECIALLY the flash pages, which'll die out. New readers will get to see the changes, and also all the old commments and such.

and I guess lastly. I could just say "to hell with it", update the flash pages even if the art will be weirdly different compared to the rest of the comic and just continue as is in whatever style i'm comfortable with.

Tis a thought, in anycase. A bunch of them

and i wanted to share them with you guys cause, well, you're the ones still here, and I assume want to see me continue even still hahah.
So let me know what you'd like to see happen.

I have a Discord that y'all can talk in now if you'd like more active updates on what's going down :D


30th Sep 2018, 7:35 AM

Mmmm. I think you could still make it work. If flash does die out, have some of them just saved to video for just in case? If you want to redraw, that's alright. I think the developing style could work for it through, as it does show development both inside and out. Can you imagine the TS units gradually developing and the way they perceive things developing with them? Just a though.

30th Sep 2018, 7:42 AM

Those flash files are loooooong dead. They only exist uploaded on this site really haha.
Some i may be able to get away with screencapping some of the main parts and turning them into a strip, others i can make into Gifs, again with screen caps.
Man I didn't think about this till now. Might make my life easier... Thanks for helping me realise that haha!

I can imagine them developing things, yeah.
In fact I just now thought of how to work it if i was to just continue this comic as is :D

In anycase, Thank you for your comment! I wasn't expecting such a fast reply!

30th Sep 2018, 8:28 AM

No problem. I watched this one a fair bit before. I had a tough time seeing if there were updates for this at times. Maybe you'll setup a following on Discord and people can tell when input is ready? Maybe even discuss commands before they're input? Less chaos that way?

30th Sep 2018, 8:53 AM

Oh! I actually have a discord for my other stuff! That would be a rad idea, I can just add a project x room to it :D

30th Sep 2018, 12:51 PM

Y'know, if you want to make a new comic without completely killing this one, you could always have the plot go along the lines of them finding a way to escape. I assume this is not a fun place to spend your lives in anyway, right? Hey presto! Same cast new location! ;P

8th Oct 2018, 6:34 AM

Yaaay, your back.

No hard feelings lol. I know a CYOA is a little daunting to maintain.
Personally, I think that going back over your old work will feel tedious and unrewarding. I would just summarize as best you can for new readers and move on!

We all just want to see this idea continue, and I don't know if I speak for the majority when I say this, but for me the CYOA sspect of the comic is a huge part of what makes it special. So, wherever you decide to take this story you started, I just hope that you keep us all involved in it too!

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