372: >> Resume
372: >> Resume

373: Party> don't approach directly. Try to feel it out and probe with some ranged attacks or even try to float the lantern over to illuminate it a little bit. Just try to stay on your guard!

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Author Notes:
1st Oct 2018, 11:08 PM

Something went wrong!
It's been fixed now, though it seems something has changed, perhaps a shift in perspective? Either way, it seems clear enough. You can continue just as before, but with a new look! Sure there is a lot less colour, but it seems the things that matter are still showing up. Consider it a budget cut.
Isn't this exciting though? You'd be excited but there's quite a lot going on as it is.

Now then, where were we?

Ah yes, a sleeping, corrupted test subject on the floor, melting into a puddle of doom, with an encroaching foe from between the tubes.
It doesn't seem to hear the song either, for that matter.

You do agree those ears look petable, but there are other concerns.
Like the multi..eyed? doom in the back. Lets check that out a bit, though you are now both on your guard.
The song is making you drowsier, but you can fight it fairly easy. You do get the feeling it's on your side, however.

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