Its been so long
Its been so long

Its been so long

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3rd May 2020, 7:11 PM


It was brought to my attention that it's been uh... yeah. A long long time since I mentioned anything on here.

And I have a fair bit to say for any still checking this and reading, but tldr:

Blah blah backstory. I wont be updating this comic anymore, mainly because of Flash, but I have plans if you're all still curious about what happens to the test subjects.

First of all, for those who were wondering: I'm okay, mostly healthy, keepin on keeping on, haha. Thanks for the concern.

But yeah. A large chunk of the comic uses Flash which has been causing issues the last few years as folk try to read it (sometimes for the first time) and its only going to be killed outright at the end of the year. I did consider remaking the flash chunks into static pages, but god the quality jump between parts would be... jarring.
So it was tempting to completely remake the comic.

But due to the CYOA style you'd miss half the comments and shinanigans that made the comic what it was, hahaha.

So I decided I'm going to just straight up shelve this as is. Leave it as a relic and memory for myself that I was very fond of. It helped me through a lot of hard times a decade ago, and paved the way forward to other comics in the future.

Project X was in fact a purely improvised little project, to try and practice both improv and writing comics in general. Drawing panels, writing a story, that kinda thing. It really pushed my abilities at the time and i learned a *lot* from it. It kicked off and became a way bigger thing that i had ever dreamed of and I did in fact come up with a longer term story for the thing which was the "Autopilot" option should interest die out and i had to work with no comments. Something that surprisingly to me, never happened~!

Most of the characters were improvised and made up on the spot, with a bare framework to work with and the rest built through emergent "gameplay" as you all followed along. I'm very attatched to them all haha.

Which brings me to those "Plans".
Currently i'm working on a number of comic projects over on my Furaffinity (beware my stuff gets a bit dark in themes, if you haven't noticed from this comic alone haha) but in the future sometime I'd like to do *something* with these guys. Possibly starting a new comic that recaps and summarises this one, and then continues forward on that "autopilot" route, or merely an AU with these folk in a new setting or so. Still working that out myself.
It probably wont be a CYOA again but honestly I may still make another CYOA one day that *doesnt* include Flash pages or anything fancy, just images so that I don't run into this issue again.

If watching my trashy furry account on FA isn't for you you can keep watching this Comic for updates on a new CYOA if i make one, and I'll also be uploading the new PX comic if i make one here too <3

I want to thank you all heartily from the bottom of my heart for making this experience so wonderful and fun~!

3rd May 2020, 8:22 PM

OK I've added you to my Watched list on Furaffinity.

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